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U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Salem, Massachusetts: 1935-1970 A Pictorial and Chronological History
by Bonnie Hurd Smith
The story of the brave men who saved dozens of lives and risked their own while Air Station Salem was in operation. Twelve men died in plane crashes. Two received the Distinguished Flying Cross. During World War II, women Reservists arrived to relieve men for duty in other places. This is a proud American story, about one of the country's earliest Coast Guard Air Stations. Learn more here!

A Source of Pride (and Customers):
A Historian's Guide to Doing
Your Business History

Simple steps you can follow, tips, and checklists to help you "do" your business history, AND ways you can use the information to attract attention and customers. Learn more here!

Go Beyond the Party: 11 Simple Ways to Use Your Anniversary to Build Business Momentum

Go Beyond the Party:
11 Simple Ways to
Use Your Anniversary
to Build Business Momentum

Use our proven ways to harness your upcoming business milestone to win attention, increase loyalty, and impress new prospects! By all means celebrate – but let's go beyond. Learn more here or watch the video!

10 Easy Steps to Create a
Women's History Trail in One Year

Follow these ten steps to derive incredible benefits
for your community – economically, educationally,
and socially. And the steps outlined here apply to
any themed trail. Learn more here
or watch the video!

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We Believe in You! - Women's Wisdom from the Ages for Your Personal and Professional Growth

"We Believe in You!" -- 12 Stories of Courage, Action, and Faith for Women and Girls
by Bonnie Hurd Smith
What can we learn from women like Abigail Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Lucy Stone, Maria Stewart, and Judith Sargent Murray that we can apply to our lives today? Plenty! Lessons of faith, courage, self-esteem, strategy, and success. Bonnie tells the stories of 12 amazing women, AND looks at what we can apply to our personal and professional lives today
Learn more here!

"I am Jealous for the Honor of Our Sex:"
A Brief Biography of Judith Sargent Murray

by Bonnie Hurd Smith

Learn more about this ebook here, and about Bonnie's other books on Murray here.

Boston Women & The Law

Boston Women & The Law:
Four centuries of Boston women's legal history

A self-guided walk through downtown Boston that's also an engaging book to just read! Learn more here!

Salem Womens Heritage Trail

Salem Women's Heritage Trail:
Four Centuries of Salem Women

Salem, Massachusetts, will forever be known for the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, but there are dozens more stories of women's courage, wisdom, and achievement to tell! This is a self-guided walking tour through Salem, that's also a terrific reading book. Learn more here!

Letters of Loss & Love

Letters of Loss and Love:
Judith Sargent Murray Papers, Letter Book 3

Murray created 20 letter books during her lifetime containing approximately 2,500 letters. This volume is just one in Bonnie's multi-year project to transcribe and publish the letter books. The letters contained in this volume were written by Murray from Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the late 1780s. They trace the demise of her first husband and her subsequent marriage to John Murray, the Universalist preacher. Learn more here.