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"We Believe in You" - Women's Wisdom from the Ages

Dear Friends,

I am so excited that my new book, “We Believe in You!” is out!

And here’s the thing.

This is not a boring history book.

It’s a celebration of women who changed the world.

It’s a book of life and business strategies from twelve women who achieved great success.

It’s a book of courage and faith.

It’s a book to make women and girls proud.

I am THRILLED to share this work with you because I know you will be moved.

In “We Believe in You!,” you will “get to know” women you’ve heard of – like Abigail Adams and Louisa May Alcott -- in a new way.

You will “meet” women who are unknown to you -- like Maria Stewart and Sarah Parker Remond – and you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of them.

You will learn their stories, and “hear” their advice to you on everything from having a strong personal support system and believing in yourself to identifying effective business tactics.

You will find attitude and opinions – from them and from me.

You will not find aloof objectivity!

Again, this is not a boring history book – it is extremely relevant to the personal and professional issues we confront today.

Wisdom from the Ages

For women and girls, especially, there are valuable lessons to be learned here about faith, courage, overcoming obstacles, and self-esteem.

Every one of the twelve women in the book wrestled with all these challenges and triumphed. In fact, the book includes an entire section devoted to these personal life lessons – wisdom from the ages, passed on from them, through me, to you.

You will also learn tried and true tactics for your business, organization, or cause. The basic principles haven’t changed over time, even if some of the methods have. These women were very smart, and very successful!

Why this book and why now?

I will tell you, in all honesty, that this book was inspired by my audiences. Time and time again, when I give talks on women’s history or lead walking tours, women thank me for sharing the “gift” of these women. One man, with tears in his eyes, hugged me after my sermon on Margaret Fuller and said, “I had no idea I would be so moved by her story. Thank you.”

Some women tell me that because of the stories they found the courage to try something they had been afraid to try before. Some learned tactics or strategies they could apply to their own situation. Some, for the first time, especially older women, tell their own stories about overcoming obstacles. Girls, in particular, see themselves in a new way. Possibility and opportunity are wide open – they CAN do anything, they have dozens of new role models, and that’s a huge boost to their self-esteem!

The point is, THEY made the historical stories personal. They listened, absorbed, and really “got” how the women I described could, in fact, advise them. Many of you reading this have come to my talks or taken my tours, and you have been part of this process. For that, I am immensely grateful.

Why do I use “we” in the title?

Because I include myself in “we.” I believe in your potential more than I can say, and in the potential of girls and young women, and so did each woman included in this book. They ALL did what they did to “make the world better” for future generations, as Lucy Stone instructed her daughter, Alice, in Lucy’s final moments.

It is my great joy to connect the dots for you between women’s history and our lives today, and to introduce you to twelve remarkable women. 

Who are the featured women?

For this first volume in what will probably become a series, I have chosen to tell the stories of:

Abigail Adams

Louisa May Alcott

Anne Bradstreet

Lydia Maria Child

Margaret Fuller

Edmonia Lewis

Judith Sargent Murray

Elizabeth Peabody

Sarah Parker Remond

Maria Stewart

Lucy Stone

Phillis Wheatley

That’s quite a line-up, let me tell you!

• You will learn about their achievements, their stories, and the personal and professional advice they have to offer.

• You will also enjoy a special section of inspiring quotes and motivational thoughts you can apply right away, pulled directly from the stories and my own experiences.

• Girls and young women will find a special section just for them.

• Finally, I’ve included a Resources section if you want to learn more about the women or about the issues raised by the book – women and business, women and entrepreneurship, women and money, life purpose, and mindset.

And there’s more

Along with the book, readers will have access to a private page on my website where you can download a specially-designed page of inspiring thoughts and ideas pulled from the women’s stories.

Please take advantage! – And here’s the link to my Store.

Buy one for yourself, your mother, your daughter, your niece, a friend, your public library, your school library – I really want this book in the hands of as many women and girls as possible! (And interested men, of course, especially fathers of daughters!)

Please contact me directly about shipping costs if you decide to purchase multiple copies. And if you’re a nonprofit, when you get to my Store please select the “Print and Call” method of payment, which allows you to send a check payable to History Smiths and avoid sales tax. All others can simply use Paypal.

Now that the book is out, I expect to be giving a lot of talks and book signings, so please be in touch if you would like to add me to your schedule. We can discuss speaking fees privately.

I thought I would share this quote I just received after delivering a sermon on Judith Sargent Murray for the Unitarian Universalist Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts:

“Bonnie Hurd Smith has a gift for making connections between historical events and the present. One Sunday in March 2011, as a guest speaker at our Sunday service, she brought us right into the life of Judith Sargent Murray and enabled us to enter a world in which women knew very few of the freedoms we now take for granted. As she spoke passionately and from deep knowledge about the changes Judith Sargent Murray envisioned and worked for, she helped us feel connections between the people of Judith's daily life and the people who have sat in the pews of our own Meetinghouse (built in 1801) from Judith's time until the present. This is history at its best for it gives us greater insight into our own moment and place on the earth and allows us to look to the future with greater understanding.”

  -Merryl Maleska Wilbur
   Chairperson, Worship Committee
   First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist
   Newburyport MA

And finally…

I simply can’t wait to get this book into your hands, so please visit my Store today!

Here’s the link to my Store again.

Thanks so much, as always, for your support!

Your Friend and Colleague,


P.S. As much as this book is about personal and professional development, it IS also a women’s history book. If you know girls or young women who haven’t been introduced to women’s history, this is a great place to start because the stories are lively, quick reads and not boring at all!

We Believe in You: 12 Stories of Courage, Action, and Faith

It's out! Thank you for supporting
this important work!

Watch my brief intro on YouTube!

"I would never have purchased a book like this if I hadn't heard your presentation. I can’t wait to read your book!"

-Kathleen Militello, Member, Homebased Businesswomen’s Network

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